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Select in decode statement
Select in decode statement

Select in decode statement

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The DECODE function can be used in Oracle/PLSQL. Decode Built-in Function. SELECT product_id, DECODE (warehouse_id, 1, 'Southlake', 2, 'San Francisco', 3, 'New The DECODE function is analogous to the "IF THEN ELSE" conditional statement. You could use the DECODE function in a SQL statement as follows: SELECT supplier_name Oracle started with the decode statement and later refined it in Oracle9i, morphing it Here is how we do this with the decode function: select decode ( region, It is not available in MySQL or SQL Server. RETURN UNDEFINED;. i want something like select col1,col2,decode(select count(*)Simple DECODE, SELECT DECODE (value, <if this value>, <return this value>) FROM DUAL;. DECODE - A type of replacement function within the SELECT statement. Example. SELECT I'm new at oracle sql and i have a big doubt: 2 decode( deptno, 10, (select dname from dept where deptno=10), (select 'x' from dual) )How to convert Oracle Decode statement in DB23 posts9 Sep 2008SELECT inside DECODE2 posts29 May 2004Equivalent of Oracle's DECODE function on SQLServer4 posts4 Mar 2002More results from www.dbforums.comOraFAQ Forum: SQL & PL/SQL » use select statement in decode 11, 2010 - 3 posts - ?2 authorsselect we.wf_entity_id, decode(object_type_id, 1, select audit_number from ea_audit_general where sys_audit_id=object_id 2,'test', Hi, i want to give a select statement inside a decode statement.How do i do this. The syntax for DECODE is: SELECT DECODE ( "column_name", "search_value_1", "result_1", ["search_value_n" Jun 1, 2011 - I have a oracle query and part of it is calculating some value using Will this work for you? I've just moved the "23" to an inline table with a In a DECODE function, Oracle considers two nulls to be equivalent.
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